Podcasting our way to Better Business and Design

The web industry moves incredibly fast. Depending on your definition of “Keeping up”, the pace can mean a nagging feeling of always being behind and having to constantly catch up, or it can mean the high cadence of the space we work in is uniquely exciting and rewarding. I believe our team tends to the… Read more

ENEcoBuild Testimonial

I’m not the type of person to sit down and take the time to write testimonials but after the experience I had with Steven and the team at Logo24 in designing my logo, business cards, letterheads and signs I felt it would be unjust not to do so. From my initial phone conversation with Steven I… Read more

Dare Conf 2013

At the end of September, Grace and I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Dare Conf in London, Jonathan Kahn’s labour of love. It is without doubt the best conference I’ve been to. I found every talk so inspiring and picked up something useful from each over the three days, but Dare delivered even more… Read more

The Action Photography Case Study

John Shiels is the face behind the camera at Action Photography, a company synonymous with adventure sport photography in Ireland. He came to us with the challenge of designing and building a tailored e-commerce system, enabling him to quickly put 1000′s of photos on sale following each event he covers. Update: Action Photography is a… Read more

A Responsive Images Approach with Picturefill and WordPress

For our recent project, Action Photography, we put a lot of thought and labour into our responsive images approach, making use primarily of Scott Jehl’s Picturefill. As designs were coded up, we initially used a single size image to separate the mental challenging of working out how responsive images should work to its own focused… Read more

Front-end optimisation for faster WordPress websites

Action Photography is a WordPress powered site we recently launched. I’m using is as a case study to document some of the performance optimisation techniques we use to make faster WordPress websites. Some of the steps are WordPress specific, but most can be applied to any website. Post-development Vitals The following were the performance vitals… Read more

Skeuomorphism and Flattening Trends

Before kicking off a recent project, our team discussed the flat design trend on the web, and the resulting move away from skeuomorphism—“Should we avoid skeuomorphism and make everything flat?”. A unanimous ‘no’ was quickly reached. Flat design is a style which is trending at the moment. It’s an option, not the answer. If used correctly now, it will endure, but if… Read more

How to load JavaScript conditionally with media queries in WordPress

I figured out a solution for loading JavaScript conditionally with media queries in WordPress, after a little research, and want to share it, and get some JavaScript criticism. Scenario I finished some scroll-driven animation with the help of the fantastically awesome Superscrollorama. I’m using min-width media queries to only render the animated elements in the browser… Read more

Website Retrofitting: Responsive Keyhole Surgery

In many cases fixed width websites, that are not optimised to work on smaller screen devices, can be responsively retrofitted. Meaning the same site design remains in tact while the layout is adapted to respond to different width devices. To create a responsive site, or mobile site, as they’re often semi-mistakenly called, a complete redesign… Read more

Footer Credits vs Humans.txt

A client recently suggest we add a “Designed by Logo24” credit to their website footer. It’s something we usually, semi-consciously, pass up, without having defined a reason why they are a little ‘ick’. The first observation that comes to mind is that most of the big design studios avoid it. Another is that it taints… Read more