Let’s Talk Solar Client Testimonial

I’m very happy that the Let’s Talk Solar project finished as strongly as it started. Below is one of our best client testimonials yet, which is a nice affirmation of our commitment to continuously push the bar.

We also were honored with a mention on Jeremy Keith’s site, Adactio, about our Let’s Talk Solar case study.

Logo24 were recommended to me through a trusted Supplier and I am incredibly grateful for the recommendation. Logo24 developed our website to a very high standard and within an incredibly demanding timeframe. Paddy and his team added so much value to the project, through proactively sharing their ideas and expertise. The outcome of which meant a better product for better value. Also, from conception to delivery, it was refreshing to deal with Logo24’s positive, “can do” attitude and this was with a very demanding timeframe and our high expectations. Furthermore, another major plus for me was the ethos of transparency and value for money from Paddy and his team. All in all, I am delighted with the high quality outcome, grateful for the fantastic attitude and cannot emphasise enough the peace of mind I got from the consistently, brilliant service from Logo24.—Deirdre Keane, General Manager, Let’s Talk Solar, Solar House, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

Paddy O’Hanlon is a web designer and one of the principals at Logo24. He is a lover of good semantics, well documented and architected CSS, and beautiful, content-driven design. (Really the design-guise is a cover-up so he can covertly feed his travel addiction and climb many rocks around the world). He tweets @Paddy.

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