Cake Events

At Logo24, a decision we made early on was to scrap the word “meetings” and introduce “Cake Events”—note the capitalisation and use of the word “Cake”.

Cake Events differ from meetings in that:

  • Cake, or a sweet substitute, must be had by all.
  • Although there is an agenda, non-work related tangents are part of the experience.
  • Minutes are kept, but only to record the event location, confectionary ingested and significant celebration-worthy progress.

We host them weekly and do the usual project status check, set next actions, discuss lessons learned from completed projects, but aim to keep them casual and fun so they also serve as a reminder that the work we do should be fun.

Paddy O’Hanlon is a web designer and one of the principals at Logo24. He is a lover of good semantics, well documented and architected CSS, and beautiful, content-driven design. (Really the design-guise is a cover-up so he can covertly feed his travel addiction and climb many rocks around the world). He tweets @Paddy.

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