Our 2 Year Anniversary

Logo24 turns two! It’s hard to believe that we have been up and running since 2011, even writing that now, it sounds amazing.

We’ve come a long way from when we launched the first version of Logo24.com on March 10th 2011. Paddy and myself have been best friends since we were 7 years old, so setting up a company together just felt right. The bond we share gives Logo24 a solid foundation to build on and helps us to establish the fun, creative atmosphere within the company.

But we couldn’t possibly have gotten Logo24 to this position without some help along the way. One of the best decisions we made was taking Shane on as our first employee, who has been brilliant since the day he joined us, always willing to help in any area of the business. Plamena, Christy and Grace have since come in and been a pleasure to work with.

Logo24 joined the Venture Business Network in November 2011 which has been so beneficial to our development, I couldn’t possibly put it into words. I will just say a big thanks to Shay Cahill for giving us the opportunity to take part in his dream. I would recommend Venture to any business, the connections and experience we have gained in the last year there have been invaluable. Everybody in the group is always willing to help each other and the atmosphere around the table is great.

A special thanks must be given to Joe Gavin, Darren Connolly, Greg Ryan and particularly Michelle Noone who we have worked with throughout the year, great people who are truly exceptional at what they do.

To our clients, thanks to everyone who has hired us over the last two years, you give us the opportunity to keep doing what we love.

Our biggest supporters have always been our parents who have always encouraged us to be what we want to be and provided us the platform to do so. We couldn’t do it without you.

I could go on and on so I’ll just say thanks to everyone who has helped Logo24 so far. It’s been so exciting getting to this point and knowing that we are still growing, learning and most importantly enjoying this journey, means that there are plenty more exciting times ahead.

Steven Dunne is a graphic designer and one of the principals at Logo24. He is a lover of beautiful visual design along with cycling, football, yoga and eating cake. He loves doing any of these while listening to epic film scores.

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