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Podcasting our way to Better Business and Design

The web industry moves incredibly fast. Depending on your definition of “Keeping up”, the pace can mean a nagging feeling of always being behind and having to constantly catch up, or it can mean the high cadence of the space we work in is uniquely exciting and rewarding. I believe our team tends to the… Read more

Skeuomorphism and Flattening Trends

Before kicking off a recent project, our team discussed the flat design trend on the web, and the resulting move away from skeuomorphism—“Should we avoid skeuomorphism and make everything flat?”. A unanimous ‘no’ was quickly reached. Flat design is a style which is trending at the moment. It’s an option, not the answer. If used correctly now, it will endure, but if… Read more

Cake Events

At Logo24, a decision we made early on was to scrap the word “meetings” and introduce “Cake Events”—note the capitalisation and use of the word “Cake”.

Announcing the new Logo24

Today we’re very excited to announce the relaunch of! It’s so much more than a just a redesign for us though, it’s an important marker for each of us as designers and for our company. We’ve grown so much over the last year; we moved into our own office space during the summer; Shane came… Read more