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The Action Photography Case Study

John Shiels is the face behind the camera at Action Photography, a company synonymous with adventure sport photography in Ireland. He came to us with the challenge of designing and building a tailored e-commerce system, enabling him to quickly put 1000′s of photos on sale following each event he covers. Update: Action Photography is a… Read more

Front-end optimisation for faster WordPress websites

Action Photography is a WordPress powered site we recently launched. I’m using is as a case study to document some of the performance optimisation techniques we use to make faster WordPress websites. Some of the steps are WordPress specific, but most can be applied to any website. Post-development Vitals The following were the performance vitals… Read more

How to load JavaScript conditionally with media queries in WordPress

I figured out a solution for loading JavaScript conditionally with media queries in WordPress, after a little research, and want to share it, and get some JavaScript criticism. Scenario I finished some scroll-driven animation with the help of the fantastically awesome Superscrollorama. I’m using min-width media queries to only render the animated elements in the browser… Read more