Popin Charms Client Testimonial

The team at Logo24 were a pleasure to work with. They were professional, friendly and there for us throughout the whole process. Even after the launch of our site Popin-charms.com, they continue to be a great support and are always available to answer our queries. I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending Logo24 to… Read more

We Build Shopify Websites: The Popin Charms Case Study

We’re delighted to launch Popin Charms, a new Shopify-powered ecommerce site. The project was a collaboration with Creative Nation, who were responsible for project management, branding and graphic design. The responsibilities of Logo24 included development of a responsive Shopify theme.

Our 2 Year Anniversary

Logo24 turns two! It’s hard to believe that we have been up and running since 2011, even writing that now, it sounds amazing.

Cake Events

At Logo24, a decision we made early on was to scrap the word “meetings” and introduce “Cake Events”—note the capitalisation and use of the word “Cake”.

Managing client expectations for post-launch bugs

The last couple of weeks were intensely stressful and concluded with a client breakup. Both of us were delighted with the work, but the devil was in communication. One lesson we drew from the experience was to prepare the client for bugs, both visual and functional. For example, serving up a medium, instead of large,… Read more

Let’s Talk Solar Client Testimonial

I’m very happy that the Let’s Talk Solar project finished as strongly as it started. Below is one of our best client testimonials yet, which is a nice affirmation of our commitment to continuously push the bar. We also were honored with a mention on Jeremy Keith’s site, Adactio, about our Let’s Talk Solar case study. Logo24 were… Read more

How much do websites cost and competition with Squarespace

I was asked for a quote to design a brochure website during the week. After gathering the basic requirements, I asked for the project budget. It was quite a bit lower than our starting price, which, because it was higher than the expectation of the potential client, struck him as expensive. I discovered I wasn’t… Read more

Slightly easier retina ready images using SCSS

Jason Z posted a really useful Sass mixin for helping with retina-ready images. I added it to my helpers and changed a few things to make it easier for me to work with. The example assumes you are using a PNG and the @2x naming convention for your 2x images. Update the ‘.png’ to whatever file… Read more

Announcing the new Logo24

Today we’re very excited to announce the relaunch of Logo24.com! It’s so much more than a just a redesign for us though, it’s an important marker for each of us as designers and for our company. We’ve grown so much over the last year; we moved into our own office space during the summer; Shane came… Read more

The Toolbox

I started out designing with broad strokes; creating visuals, writing markup and dabbling in programming. Over the last couple of years, I’ve focused more on front-end design and development and find myself more often working in the browser than a graphics app. I think that’s partly because the skillset required by the average front-end designer… Read more